Call for Speakers!

 Call For Speakers! 

In keeping up with our previously successful Awards Program, the Prince George’s Provider Council is again reaching out to our members for nominations of people supported by your agencies to present this year. We are seeking enthusiastic speakers for the upcoming Employment Awards Event which will be held on Wednesday, October 5, 2022. Nominations for speakers are due by Monday, August 1, 2022. This is an opportunity for people to share their experiences along their individual paths to success. Note: Due to the pandemic, the Awards Event will be held virtually which will require a video submission from those chosen to speak for the program.

Some of the criteria which will be used to choose 2-3 speakers include:

  • Someone who is comfortable speaking
  • A person who can discuss his/her pathway or pathways to success including hopes and dreams (need not have achieved their goal/vision but can speak about their progress on this path)
  • A person who has a message to share which can be positive or motivational to others
  • Someone who might have faced some obstacles along his/her way and how these were dealt with as they continue their travels toward their goal or vision
  • There will be an opportunity for a small number of speakers who will be selected on the basis of their bio which we ask that they provide considering the criteria listed above—as well as anything else which is important to her/him.


  • Each person selected should prepare a 5-minute presentation. It is expected that someone at the provider agency nominating the individual will be of assistance in preparing the video presentation.
  • Those chosen will be highlighted in our virtual program as well as on the Provider Council website with a picture and some information about their journey. Please submit a camera-ready photo and bio with the nomination including consideration of the criteria. We are excited to hear from the people you support.

For more information/questions and to sign up, please contact Kristen Miller at